2021 Marks 50 Years McLeod Racing Innovation

 McLeod Racing is very proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2021. For half a century, McLeod has been the leader in racing and high-performance driveline products. 
Founded in 1971 by Paul “Red” Roberts, McLeod introduced revolutionary product lines including the legendary Soft Lok drag racing clutch, the Original Street Twin, which was the first true twin disc clutch for the street, and of course the now legendary RST and RXT street/strip twins.  Other McLeod innovations include hydraulic throwout bearings and conversion kits, high performance single disc clutch kits that hold power from just above stock up to 600 HP, SFI bellhousings, and a complete sport compact line. McLeod provides a complete drivetrain solution, including everything from the crankshaft to the driveshaft. McLeod also carries the complete line of TREMEC transmissions. Our street customers have always benefited because we have always shared their passion for cars. McLeod has innovated new and exciting products that have allowed our customers to get the power they make to the ground while keeping their cars fun to drive. 
McLeod customers have won multiple championships and set numerous world records with our products from drag racing, Bonneville, drifting and so many other types of motorsports. 
“I am very proud of McLeod’s 50 years in the high-performance aftermarket and racing industry,” says Paul Lee, owner and president of McLeod Racing. “Everyone here at McLeod shares the same passion for hot rods and racing cars that our loyal customers have. At McLeod, we all feel that we are making driveline parts for the true automotive and racing enthusiast that expects nothing but the finest quality parts and exceptional customer service.”
“I would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to all of our loyal McLeod customers, who have made 50 years possible. We will continue to exceed your expectations for years to come.”
For 50 years McLeod has stood as one of the top clutch and drivetrain manufacturers in the world. The entire company appreciates and thanks each of our customers, partners, and vendors for an incredible journey that will continue for 50 more years. 

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