Customer Testimonial

logoAt McLeod Racing we believe satisfied clients are a key ingredient to our success. That’s why we work closing with our clients to insure their satisfaction with the performance and trustworthiness of our Products.      

Dear McLeod,

I have a ’09 Mustang GT/CS and had the dealer install the Roush supercharger when the car was new.  The stock clutch started slipping when hitting 3rd gear, so at that time I was talked into trying a McLeod-competitor’s dual disc clutch, that claimed that their clutch pedal was ”lighter than stock”.  I immediately hated that clutch because of the hard pedal. That clutch was at least 50% stiffer than stock.  99% of my driving is in-town, so that hard pedal made me start dreading to drive the car. I had even started considering trading car for an automatic, as I also developed foot & knee issues, and that stiff clutch was just making it worse. Then, after 6-years but only 28,000 miles on the car,  the “other” clutch started slipping in 5th gear.

So, being a life-long motorcyclist, I know multi clutches could be made to work well with low effort. So, when I had this new McLeod RST installed to replace the “other” dual disc clutch, I was skeptical about the light clutch pedal claim. All I can say is WOW!!! It’s been long time since I’ve mashed a stock clutch, but this McLeod RST is very easy. It’s gotta be as easy or easier than the stock clutch. This RST Street Twin clutch kit is amazing.  I LOVE IT! The car is a joy to drive in town again, it engages very smooth. Another concern I had, will it rattle? Nope, it’s quiet as a stock clutch! I wish I installed this RST a long time ago. Thanks McLeod for making my car fun to drive again!

 Rusty Morgan

I looked and asked around for what the best clutch would be to hold my current horsepower and also future,and everywhere lead me to the RXT, had it installed last week and love it, extremely soft pedal, and grabs nicely, feels very comfortable to drive without giving me a leg workout!
Well worth the extra money over the others. Troy Dudich

Just wanted to take a moment to say that your M-5 (5 speed transmission) that I installed in my 1956 corvette gasser works flawlessly just like the install went. As you know the early corvette trans tunnels probability has the smallest room for a five speed trans swap and it slipped right in with no glitches. After driving 100 miles, it only had a small drip of ATF which came from the breather vent screen, so I took the screen plug off and installed a fitting with a flexible hose tube upward 1 inch and re installed the screen plug at the end of the tube and that took care it. I would also like to say the McLeod team went above and beyond taking care of the U.P.S. shipping damage claim on the first transmission by sending me another new transmission prior to them picking up & receiving for inspection the original one. Now would I buy another M-5 for my next car.. Oh hell YES without a question. Job well done McLeod . Jim Martin

I called and spoke with your tech Billy today, and he was incredibly helpful steering me to the right product of yours. I was originally looking at running your RST clutch and the stock flywheel, but after a good technical discussion with Billy, I’ve now got a McLeod RXT and aluminum flywheel on the way for my drivetrain rebuild/upgrade. I Autocross and Track Day my car every chance I get, and after our discussion those felt like the right direction for my car. I would have completely ruled the RXT out focusing just on the horsepower ranges of the application without discussing the benefits of the RXT product when I’m running the car at the track. You’ve just gained a new customer for life. Best Regards, Conor Flaherty

I just wanted you to know I installed your McLeod Clutch Conversion in my 2002 Ford GT and it actually performs better than you claimed. More like 100% less peddle pressure. I was breaking cables and quadrants before and my left leg was becoming twice it’s normal size. Driving the GT is now a pleasure again. Bill Townsend, Texas

I want you and anyone who does business with McLeod Racing to know you are doing business with one of the best  group of manufacturers/people I have ever done business with. Louie Ashfield