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Clutch Management Article

Clutch Management Article by Jim D Moore - Cars & Parts

Hot Rod Tech Article – McLeod Hydraulic’s

  Great Technical Article on McLeod Hydraulic System in July 2014 Issue of Hot Rod Magazine – To Read Full Article – CLICK HERE    

Project 5th Gen Gets McLeod’s RXT Clutch to Prepare for Supercharger

By Jason Reiss on March 3, 2014  Our 5th generation Camaro, dubbed “ZL1UPED,” is brand new to the LSXTV project car stable. It’s a 2010 Camaro SS that has an LS3 engine stuffed between the framerails to go with the six-speed manual transmission, Read More >>

How to bleed your hydraulic bearing.

  How to properly bleed your new Hydraulic Bearing Always have the AN -4 line with the bleeder valve at the top when the bearing is properly installed.  It is OK to swap the lines on the swivel fittings if necessary.  Remember the line with the Read More >>

Clutch Troubleshooting

I. Melted Or Heavily Worn Clutch Levers (fingers) – T.O. Bearing May Or May Not Be Burnt Up. A. T.O. Bearing adjusted too close. B. Pressure in pressure plate too much for clutch linkage. C. Driver constantly riding clutch pedal. D. If one or two fingers Read More >>

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