Clutch Components

McLeod offers a variety of Disc Material Choices.

  • 100 Series - Organic/ Organic
  • 500 Series - Organic/ Ceramic
  • 600 Series - Ceramic/ Ceramic









McLeod Pressure Plates

  • Diaphragm Style - For Street or Street/Stip applciatons, featuring maximum clamp load with minimal ledal effort. 
  • Borg & Beck -  Original OEM design for GM and Chrylser Units. 
  • Long Style - Racer's Favorite. Offers extremely quick shifts in a light-weight and completely adjustable design. 
  • Borg & Beck Long Style - McLeod Exclusive that integrates the heave duty hat of the orginal Borg and Beck with Ford Long Style fingers for extremely quick ractions. 
Diaphragm Style


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