McLeod offers a variety of Disc Material Choices.

  • 100 Series - Organic/ Organic
  • 500 Series - Organic/ Ceramic
  • 600 Seires - Ceramic/ Ceramic

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  1. 100 Series Organic/Organic Disc

    100 Series Organic/Organic Disc

    The 100 series disc was designed for the enthusiast that wants a clutch disc that has smooth engagement and like stock drivability without sacrificing performance. This clutch disc is rated to 400 ft lbs of torque at the crankshaft (depending on disc diameter,plate load and weight of vehicle). The 100 Series disc has steel backed organic lined facings on both sides of the disc for smooth and consistant drivability everytime you get in the car. McLeod Racing offer various inputshaft splines and disc diameters for all the popular applications. Learn More
    Price From: $173.83

  2. 500 Series Organic/Ceramic Disc.

    500 Series Organic/Ceramic Disc.

    Got heads and a cam? Maybe a small shot of nitrous or running low boost? The 500 series is perfect for the car that is used as a daily driver with some occasional track use. This clutch is rated to 550 ft lbs of torque at the crank (depending on disc size,plate load and weight of vehicle). The 500 series has two different friction surfaces. The pressure plate side (in most cases) is your standard organic facing for smooth engagement and great drivability. The flywheel side (in most cases) we line the disc with a segmented semi metallic ceramic facing for that great holding power that McLeod is known for. We offer various insputshaft splines and disc sizes for all the popular applications. Learn More

  3. 600 Series Ceramic/Ceramic Disc

    600 Series Ceramic/Ceramic Disc

    The 600 series is the ultimate High Performcance disc in the single disc platform. Suited for both street and strip duty, the 600 series will give you both the smooth engagement and holding power you need to get the job done. This disc has a segmented semi metallic ceramic facing on both sides of the disc. McLeod Racing offer various input shaft splines for all the popular vehicles in 9-11/16", 10.5",11" & 12" disc diameters. Learn More


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