McLeod is proud to offer both steel and aluminum flywheels. Our steel flywheels awesome for the street and are made from billet steel with a hardened ring gear for durability. Our aluminum flywheels are ideal for those seeking a lower weight flywheel. All of our aluminum flywheels have replaceable Blanchard ground plates. All McLeod flywheels come balanced and SFI Approved

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When replacing a clutch, the flywheel is one of the most overlooked parts. You have two choices: One is to resurface the flywheel and the other is to replace it. McLeod's Nodular Iron Flywheels are a high quality yet low cost alternative to the hassles of resurfacing a flywheel. Nodular Iron flywheels are stronger than the OEM and are direct bolt-in units


McLeod Steel Flywheels are perfect for street applications where easy stop light acceleration is desired. They are also recommended for rock crawlers and off road driving. Our steel flywheels are cnc machined from billet alloy steel. They have 1045 hardened steel ring gears.






McLeod Aluminum Flywheels are ideal for numerous applications such as supercharged or turbocharged engines. These flywheels are ideal for higher horsepower engines and combinations that achieve rapid RPM levels. McLeod Aluminum Flywheels are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and come with a replaceable steel friction plate and 1045 steel hardened ring gear.





McLeod Chromoly flywheels offer Mustang owners a lightweight yet incredibly strong flywheel option. With a heat-treated friction area and integrated ring gear, Chromoly flywheels are an excellent choice for any performance Mustang application.

NOTE: Chromoly Flywheels will not work with McLeod RST/RXT Twin Disc clutch Line. This flywheel is intended to be used with factory style disc and pressure plates.

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