Mike Copeland’s 500 Horsepower Hydrogen-Powered Ford Falcon Futura

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Mike Copeland’s 500 Horsepower Hydrogen-Powered Ford Falcon Futura


Mike Copeland and his company Diversified Creations has an impressive resume of cool car builds. The level of detail and craftsmanship Copeland’s team puts into each project is impressive. Copeland’s 1964 Falcon Futura is a real looker, but it’s the Hydrogen-fed Gen III Coyote that will really grab your attention.

Anybody can build a Mustang or Camaro, so Copeland wanted to create a project car that would stand out in a crowd, so the Falcon was selected as his canvas. The Falcon’s Gen III Coyote mill runs on a new type of Hydrogen technology that Copeland developed, and boy does it add some power. The Hydrogen-powered Coyote has been designed to use water injection to control the burn rate of the Hydrogen fuel. The end result is a naturally aspirated Coyote that cranks out 500 horsepower and can be spun up to 8,000 RPM.

Now, Copeland didn’t just build this Falcon to be a vessel for his Hydrogen technology, this Ford was built to be driven hard. The Falcon uses a Total Cost Involved (TCI) front suspension, and in the rear Copeland modified TCI’s torque arm Mustang suspension to fit the car. A full set of QA1 double-adjustable shocks were added to the Falcon to make it handle like a dream. A TREMEC T-56 transmission wrapped in a Quicktime bell housing, and McLeod Racing clutch hand the power off to the Moser rearend that uses an Eaton differential. A QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft links the transmission to the rearend. Copeland added a set of Baer brakes that bring the Falcon to a stop in a hurry.

Copeland’s Falcon is a fresh take on a possible future of hot rodding and we’re all about it. When other people are screaming about killing ICE engines, Copeland has found an environmentally friendly way to use them. Make sure you check out this video from TCI where Copeland goes into great detail about the Falcon.

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