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Ford V. Ferrari Battle Of Big Bend: Part 1
While most vehicle features start with a brief history of a car owner and why they love cars, this one is slightly different. This story is not about a barn find, a car that was sold and found years later, or a vehicle that’s a family heirloom. No, this story starts around a somewhat hostile Thanksgiving dinner table in 2023 and ends at the Battle of Big Bend.

Ford V. Ferrari Battle Of Big Bend

So imagine this. A father in this story, Rick Lehn, and his son, Ian Lehn, are being festive while shooting the bull around the table after Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. The pair started discussing classic cars versus modern cars. After a drink or two, maybe three, Ian mouthed off, saying he was the better driver by far, and could beat his “old man” any day of the week in an old classic. At this point, there was a lot of chest-beating, and Rick replied, “Ok, put your money where your mouth is.” Ian obliged, and the two decided to settle the somewhat restless exchange of words at the Battle of Big Bend Open Road Race in Texas. Ian would race a 1969 Mustang, and his father would drive his 2002 Ferrari Modena. A modern-day Ford V. Ferarri was born.

What’s That Sound? Gear Rollover And How To Reduce The Noise

Vehicles that have been modified are going to make some interesting noises versus unmodified rides. Some of these noises can be a sign of trouble, while others are just a part of what you deal with when you drive a custom vehicle. Gear rollover is something that might pop up if you install an aftermarket manual transmission, and it’s not as serious as it sounds.

There’s a lot of work that goes into bolting a new aftermarket manual transmission into your vehicle. After you complete the installation, new noises might be heard coming from under the vehicle that might sound like big problems. Numerous things like a part of the driveline touching the transmission tunnel, unbalanced parts, the type of bushings used, or other items could be generating strange noises or vibrations.

The Wharton Automotive Group Acquires Competition Clutch
February 16, 2024 (ANAHEIM, CA) Paul Lee of the Wharton Automotive Group, Inc (WAG) acquires top sport compact single disc clutch line of Competition Clutch Inc from previous owner Chris Jewell. Competition Clutch is the leader in the sport compact clutch and flywheel market and will be a tremendous addition to WAG’s continuous expansion in the high-performance automotive driveline market. Effective immediately, Competition Clutch will be based out of McLeod Racing’s manufacturing plant in Anaheim, CA. 
Improving Our Vintage Corvette With A Five-Speed Transmission

There was a time when any “respectable” hot street car had a four-speed and at least a set of 4.10 gears with a high-revving engine under the hood. Troy Hudson lived in that era. His previous streetable rides included a 9,000-plus-rpm, dual-four-barrel, 327 cubic-inch small-block in a ’57 Chevy with a four-speed and 6.50 rear gears. Next came a 1960 283 cubic-inch, dual-four-barrel, four-speed Corvette with 4.10s. Times and technology change, and where four-speeds were once dominant, five-speed transmissions featuring overdrive are now the norm.

The Full Swap: Ditching Your MT82 For A TREMEC Magnum XL
There is no doubt that with a few aftermarket parts, modern Mustangs equipped with the 5.0-liter Coyote engine can generate exponentially more power. With that increase in power often come hardships down the line, specifically in the driveline of the car. Many enthusiasts have voiced complaints about the stock MT82 transmission, which comes on the 2011 and newer Ford Mustangs. Owners mention issues with the transmission not shifting smoothly, and later, that the OE-spec transmission cannot handle the additional power. The good news: there is a plug-and-play, bolt-in solution for this problem, and it is called the TREMEC Magnum XL transmission.
Project Swedish Meatball: Our Wild LS-Swapped Volvo Wagon

Project Swedish Meatball: Our Wild LS-Swapped Volvo Wagon


Driving a boring car every day just sucks. There are a lot of cool-looking cars out there that don’t have an exciting engine and transmission package, but thankfully that can be changed with some creativity and effort. Project Swedish Meatball is LSX Magazine’s newest build, and it’s our take on an elevated Volvo wagon.

“The Meatball” as we call it, started life as your typical 1994 Volvo 940 wagon powered by a four-cylinder engine that was backed by an automatic transmission. These cars are known to be total tanks and last forever, but that little four-banger and slushbox just wasn’t cutting it for us. Our plan: replace the tired 2.3-liter mill with a 5.3 LS engine, slap a TREMEC six-speed transmission behind it, and add a single 76mm turbo for good measure. The goal is to create a gnarly 700-horsepower daily driver that will last for a very long time.

SEMA 2023: Dennis Taylor's Awesome Ed Iskenderian Tribute Hot Rod

Ed Iskenderian, the founder of Isky Racing Cams, is an absolute legend in the high-performance and hot rodding world. The parts that Iskenderian created helped push the fledging world of aftermarket parts to new heights, and his 1923 Model T served as a test bed for what he made. Dennis Taylor of Hot Rods by Dennis Taylor has created an amazing modernized version of Iskenderian’s iconic Model T.

The idea of building a tribute to Ed’s Model T started over a year ago when Dennis, his daughter Alex, and Nolan Jamora, COO of Isky started discussing the project. Ed’s original car is currently on display at the Speedway Motors Museum, so Dennis and Alex went there to take measurements and pictures of the car to get the process started. Dennis built the car like a young Ed would have if he time-traveled to the modern era, so the Model T is an interpretation of what he might have created.

Paul Lee Returns to Sonoma With Support from DENSO And Zurn Elkay

Paul Lee and his McLeod Racing Nitro Funny Car entry return to Sonoma Raceway with DENSO and new marketing partner, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions. The team will host a full hospitality with his partners of Mainline Sales and Breen Design Group for the entire weekend of action. With progress with the tune up continuing in the right direction, the John Medlen and Jason Bunker led team head into Sonoma with the strategy of consistency.


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