Supercar Series Line

McLeod Racing Offers Supercar Series for Lamborghini Murciélago

Luxury, Opulence, Success, Performance these are all words that are synonymous with Lamborghini. One of the worlds finest exotic sports cars in the world! You expect nothing but the best in what life has to offer. McLeod Racing shares the same principles. We are a performance clutch company with many years in the domestic clutch market with a very high reputation for making some of the best domestic clutches that are on the market today. Well McLeod Racing is taking that 50 years of knowledge and history with the same determination and values that you the Lamborghini owner expects. McLeod Racing is happy to announce we are bringing to the Hi Performance aftermarket the new Supercar Series Line of clutches! This line will cater to those of you that expect nothing but the best from the very best in High Performance clutches, McLeod Racing!

NOTE: McLeod Racing is looking to bring more applications to the exotic supercar market. We are actively looking for dealers, tuners and shops that specialize in these amazing cars. Please give us a call at 714-630-2764 x 223

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