How to Determine your "A" dimension using Hydraulic Bearing. Muncie/TopLoader/T-5/T-10

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Measurement for Standard Transmission Muncie/Toploader/Saginaw/T-5/T-10/Super T-10

Before starting the measurements to your "A" and "B" dimensions, please make sure you have the proper measuring equipement to take this precision measurement. Tape measure is not precise enough for this job. Please find/invest/rent a measuring device with at least a .00 decimal point measurement capability. This is an absolute critical requirement to get the correct measurement.

This chart is to help determine what series hydraulic bearing you need. Before you begin your measurement please make sure to have your entire clutch assembly installed on the back of the motor and torqued down to the factory specifications, this includes Flywheel, Disc,Pressure Plate,Block Plate (if used) and Bellhousing. If your “A” dimension is less than 3″ use the 1300 series bearing. If your “A” dimension is greater than 3″ use the 1400 series bearing. The gap between the face of the bearing and the tip of the pressure plate finger should be between .100″ & .250″ for proper pressure plate release. To determine if you have the proper clearance subtract your “A” dimension (Top & Greater  dimension) from your “B” dimension (Lower & Lesser dimensionand your equation should be within .100″ & .250″ anything outside of these parameters requires a piston change on the 1300 series units or a adjustment of the adjustment screw on the 1400 series units to fall back inline to the required parameters. NOTE: This method of measuring does not apply to T-56/TR-6060 6 Speed Transmissions, T-45/TR-3650 Transmissions with integrated bell housings.

“A” Dimension


“B” Dimension


= Clearance

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