Joe Macasero Goes to the Finals at Import Face Off

 June 9, 2021 (ANAHEIM, CA) McLeod Racing’s Joe Macasero raced to the finals in the 11.50 index class at the Import Face Off event in Bakersfield, CA this weekend. Macasero pilots the McLeod Racing ’95 Honda Civic EG equipped with the B-series Mag Force twin disc clutch unit. 
Out of 34 cars entered for the 11.50 class, Macasero qualified in the number 8 position with a 11.70 second time run. During the second qualifying run, he ran a career best of 11.49 seconds. He advanced to the final round to have the perfect day end a little early with a holeshot loss with his 11.50 to the winner’s 11.60 time.  

Macasero drives his ’95 Honda Civic EG, which has been in his family for the life of the car. With a stock B20 engine with a budget turbo setup, the car produces 331 whp and, of course, is equipped with the B-series McLeod Mag Force Twin disc clutch unit. 
“Thank you to my team for their non-stop support and all the hard work they put in,” says Macasero. “Thank you to my girlfriend Deena Farley for the emotional roller coaster support and media work. To my sponsors, I can’t thank you enough for supporting me with the transition from time attack back to drag racing. Let’s shoot for another finals appearance at the next race.” 
Macasero is the epitome of a weekend warrior who loves racing. With a racing career that started 14 years ago, Joe recently made the switch back to drag racing after a stint in the time attack world. Last year he won the Honda Day drag race in New Hampshire in the ET2 class. With the addition of another win under his belt, Joe is set to continue his success this season at local Southern California races as well as Honda Day on the east coast. 
Joe is a perfect representative both on and off the track for the McLeod Racing family. 
Watch Joe's runs HERE

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