McLeod Racing's marketing and sales specialist, Joe Macasero, made the journey to New Hampshire for the HDay event this last weekend. Macasero grabbed the win for the HDay ET Bracket 2 class with his '95 Honda Civic Hatchback. With over 6,000 miles traveled and over 12 days on the road, Joe returns to McLeod HQ in Southern California with the trophy.

"After 13 years of drag racing, I finally came home with the win!" says Macasero. "This would not have been possible without all of you. Those who supported with decal purchases, fuel donations, my family, my incredibly supportive and loving girlfriend, Deena, my family at McLeod Racing, and all the people we met along the way and here at HDay, all of you kept me going!"

 His car is equipped with the McLeod Racing Mag Force B series twin. #McLeodEquipped

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