Ricky Silva Blog: Win in X-Street Class with New McLeod Livery

I hope your week is off to a great start. We are just getting settled in after a long race day on Sunday. We had a busy week leading up to the race as we were re-wrapping the car with its new Livery for this season. The weekend had forecasts for some pretty heavy rain on Saturday which ended up getting qualifying onSaturday Rained out. The Import Revival and Atco Raceway staff assured all the racers they would do what they had to, to complete the race on Sunday in a safe manner.

We ended up only getting 1 qualifier Sunday morning due to the amount of cars there. I ended up bobbling the 3-4 shift and coasted to a 8.9. Unfortunately the bump ended up being a 8.71 and we were not qualified. After asking the officials if we would get a second qualifier. I was advised that there maybe be enough cars broken that I could be an alternate. We prepped the car and went up with the plan of either being an alternate or racing in one of the bracket classes.  We wanted to collect some data and show off our new look as much as possible. Luckily for us we ended up making the cut and got in as an alternate. 

We end up paired up with the #14 qualifier. After leaving with a starting line advantage we took the win with a 8.06. Moving into round 2 we now drew the #11 qualifier. This racer is usually a great leaver so I knew I had to bring my A game. We end up leaving on him with a .030 to his .041 reaction time and take the round with a 8.1 run. Moving into the semi we had to race the #2 qualifier now. At this point there are no easy rounds and we went up there again with our A game locked and loaded. When we went to bump the car into the second beam his light flickered and he left turning on the red light. We ended up clicking it off at half track to save it for the finals. 

Final round had us paired up with the #1 qualifier in the class. We made some minor tweaks as we felt the track was going away as the dew was starting to set in. We let the clutch out and had nearly identical reaction times .078 to there .079. We ran it up through the gears and turned on the final win light of the night. 

It was a great day of racing for our team. Not your typical day but we took lemons and turned it into lemonade. We got nothing but positive compliments about the new look of the car. Everyone loved it. We see a few things we need to improve on our setup and will be making some small changes before our next race the Pan American Nationals July 13-16 at Atco Dragway. 

This race we were testing the McLeod/PTT 7.25” twin disk setup and it performed flawlessly once again just like the triple did. We will be pulling it out for inspection in the coming weeks as we prep the car for the next race. So far we are very pleased with both setups. 

Thank you for all your support this season. None of this could be possible without your help.

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