$765.00 - $950.00

$765.00 - $950.00

The McLeod Workhorse clutch is available for both gas and diesel applications. Available in 12 1/4 inch and 13 inch kits, the Workhorse is equipped with a heavy duty flywheel, heavy duty pressure plate, and comes with the option of either organic or ceramic discs

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78121 In Stock

Workhorse:Kit:1998-03 Dodge Truck: 8.0L 488(Ci): 1-1/16 X 10: W/Flywheel


78122 In Stock

Workhorse Pro:Kit: Dodge Truck 12 1/4" Std P/P & Ceramic Disc W/Flywheel.


78131 In Stock

Workhorse:Kit:Dodge Truck 13" Std P/P & Organic Disc W/Flywheel.


78132 In Stock

Workhorse Pro:Kit:Dodge Truck 13.0 Std P/P Ceramic Disc with Flywheel. 1000 Torque


78221 In Stock

Workhorse HD:Kit: Dodge Truck 12 1/4" HD P/P & Organic Disc W/Flywheel.


78222 In Stock

Workhorse Pro:Kit:Dodge Truck 12 1/4" Std. P/P & Ceramic Disc W/Flywheel.


78231 In Stock

Workhorse HD:Kit:Dodge Truck 13" HD P/P & Organic Disc W/Flywheel.


78232 In Stock

Workhorse Pro:Kit:Dodge Truck 13" Std. P/P & Ceramic Disc W/Flywheel.



Installation Instructions: McLeod Diesel Single Disc Clutch Kits

To view Installation Instructions for your McLeod Diesel Single Disc clutch kit, please click here.

Bolt Torque Specs

1/4” = 15 FT. LBS
5/16” = 25 FT. LBS
3/8” = 35 FT. LBS
7/16” = 65 FT. LBS
½” = 70 FT. LBS
8MM = 25 FT. LBS
10MM = 45 FT. LBS
10MM Crank Bolt = 65 FT. LBS
11MM Crank Bolt = 65 FT. LBS

Clutch Break-In Procedure

All McLeod street performance clutches require a Break-In Period of 500-750 miles of street, stop and go type of driving prior to driving at wide open throttle. This mileage is required to properly seat the disc with the pressure plate and the flywheel. The mileage listed will provide about 1200 apply and release cycles to the clutch assembly.
DO NOT run the vehicle on a chassis dyno prior to full Break-In procedure.
Important: During performance driving and break-in, all traction control devices must be turned off or clutch slippage will occur!

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In a racing environment, the type of stress placed on automotive parts can vary dramatically by the type of use, driving style, track preparation, differing tire style and other variables that are out of McLeod's control. For this reason, any parts used in a racing environment shall be void of any warranty either expressed or implied.
There are no other warranties, either expressed or implied including, but not limited to, warranty of merchantability, and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose which extend beyond those set forth in the preceding paragraphs. This warranty shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with California law.
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